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10-29-2010, 09:55 PM
How long can i expect that it will take before my body is in ketosis? Day five, and nothing yet. Still have huge cravings after dinner.

10-29-2010, 10:01 PM
If you have been following induction as written, you are in ketosis. If you are hungry after dinner, you may not be getting enough fats or proteins in.
Post a typical day`s menu and we can look at it to see where you can tweak it and help you out. The cravings sometimes take a few weeks to go away. If you are eating artificial sweets, it can keep the cravings going for even longer.
Are you eating an after dinner snack?

Blessed Be.


10-29-2010, 11:42 PM
Thanks, but I checked with a ketostick, and it`s only showing slightly purple/color changed.
Today I ate:
Breakfast: 2 fried eggs in butter, 3 cut mushrooms, cut. 2 thin slices smoked ham
Snack: 10 cheese cubes
Lunch: MacDonals Bacon ranch sallad w Ceasar dressing (removed the carrots)
Snack; One cheesestick
Dinner: Small piece of blue cheese, 8 garlic and butter fried shrimp, romaine salad w onion and parmesan, 3 lamb chops.
Evening snack: Tea w milk and 1 Atkins bar (150 kcl).
Sounds like a lot of cheese... It probably was too much.

10-29-2010, 11:49 PM
The milk is not allowed for induction and may be what is keeping your cravings alive. Also the ketosticks are not very accurate. They don`t tell you to use them in the new book. I personally just go by the symptoms of ketosis. Bad breath, super thirsty, suppressed appetite, ect ect. I can always tell when I am in ketosis by how thristy I am. It`s like I could never stop drinking water. Anyhow hope that helps and try heavy cream for your tea instead of milk.

10-29-2010, 11:59 PM
As for the ketostix:
I have been reading many recent posts from beginners asking about the efficacy of ketosticks and wondering why "when they are obviously in ketosis" they aren`t losing weight.
Here are a few facts about ketosis and weight loss:
1. To begin with,ketonuria (passing ketones in your urine) is based on individual kidney function, glomerular filtration, hydration and the specific blood level at which you "spill" ketones. You can turn the sticks every color in the rainbow, not be doing Atkins right, and gain weight.
2. Some people in ketosis never spill ketones in their urine in large enough concentration to turn the color of any stick.
3. In the medical field, large amounts of ketones in urine indicates dehydration and is treated with increased fluid. If you are well hydrated from drinking greater than 64 oz of pure water everyday, there is a good chance that you won`t turn a ketostick any color.
4. You can do induction perfectly to the letter, lose weight and inches and never change the color on a stick.
5. You can do induction incorrectly, eating the wrong quantities of the wrong foods and still show high levels of ketones in your urine. Turning the stick purple only means you have good aim. :)
6. Medical science and testing changes at alarmingly fast rates. When Dr. Atkins suggested the sticks, they were state of the art. Now they are just an expensive toy that tells you nothing definitve.
7. The only actual way of telling if you are in ketosis is by drawing a serum ketone level, which is expensive and usually not covered by insurance.
8. Decreased hunger, increased thirst and sickly sweet (acetone) breath are much more reliable indicators of ketosis than the ketosticks.

The bottom line is that if you do use the sticks, don`t assume that you are doing ANA correctly or that you are in ketosis if they change color.

Now, for what you are eating... Have you read the book? Have you clicked on the *Learn Atkins* tab at the top of the page where it explains the basic why`s and how`s of the program?
There is a limit of 3 oz of cheese daily.
There is no milk allowed in induction, only heavy cream (which has a limit of 3 tablespoons a day).
You need 20 net carbs daily, 12-15 of which need to come from foundation veggies. You had less than 8 veggie carbs, by my estimation. The veggies are essential.
You also need a minimum of 1600 calories a day, with 65% of them coming from fat.

You need to cut way down on the cheese, cut out the milk, increase the veggies by a lot and make sure you are drinking at least 60-80 oz of water daily.

Are you logging your food into fitday.com or fatsecret.com? It helps to get a grasp on your intake, especially in the beginning.

Blessed Be.


10-30-2010, 12:08 AM
I dont think my body is in ketosis. I have ready many Atkins books, and have done it before, but never stuck to it. I have probably cheated with too much cheese, milk sometimes instead of cream, and nuts (no nuts this time yet!). Only three table spoons of cream? For the entire day? I do feel I eat enough veggies, I had two salads today, I am more nervous of having too much greens. I need to stay motivated, but when I hear about the cream and the cheese, it just feels like there is nothing good left to eat...

10-30-2010, 12:30 AM
You need 2-2.5 *pounds* of lettuce to make up the minimum of 12 carbs you need a day. If you follow induction as written, you will be in ketosis in 2-3 days. You shouldn`t worry so much about too many greens as too much cheese.

You just need to decide that you want to lose the weight and decide that Atkins is the way for you to do it.

The food on Atkins is plentiful and delicious. There are 54 veggies on the foundation veggie list. Butter and olive oil add flavor to so many recipes. Focus on the great things you *can* have. This is definitely not a lifestyle of deprivation.

Blessed Be.