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09-14-2009, 05:34 AM
Just joined the site this morning....Is anyone on the higher fat version of Atkins to jump start weight loss? I began eating all protein with carbs coming strictly from pepper spices for flavor in and on the cheese and meat... not recommending it but did lose 5.5 pounds in 6 days (one or one-half pound a day)... this is simply the Atkins diet I remember from many years ago and doing the extras to protect my kidneys (already impaired due to health problems)during the process...
I`ve never lost weight this quickly but I`ve never been this much overweight and the best part is that I`ve no cravings for the other foods that got me here even though they are plentiful as I`ve three teenagers in the household none of whom have weight problems....I can`t blame my weight gain on genetics as I`m the only one who has had to battle weight as I tend to eat when stressed and the last five years have been rough... I`ve weighed as little as 107 but since children 125 (my goal weight) and last Tuesday the scale read 206.5, the heaviest to date....
The reason for beginning a diet is that I have two impending surgeries already complicated by multiple congenital heart defects and I had a major stroke at 46 so don`t need to further complicate with excess weight (my pre-surgical weight goal is 150)....and really don`t want to turn 50 (14 months from now) like this...
The good news is that my cholesterol and sugar are within normal parameters but do have hypertension regulated with meds which I think would be helped with the weight loss ...
Anyway, I`m wondering if anyone out there is using the older version and what are the risks (other than kidney problems) of doing so as I`d really like to continue since I`m seeing results (my one half pound day loss followed a leaner meat day - coincidence?)...
Please excuse the rambling and thank you...

09-14-2009, 05:38 AM
The older version of Atkins (do you mean the 70`s version?) has been updated to it`s current guidelines due to decades of research and improvements made by both Dr. Atkins and Atkins Nutritionals...

While this message board tends to focus on and discuss the most current version which is based more on the 2002 guidelines - with new research and guidelines added as beneficial - there are a few who start out with the older version. There are a few interesting threads that deal with this... I`ll see if I can find you some.

Are you using the original book to get your information? All of the information available on the website is based on current recommendations which are designed to give you weight loss and maximum nutrition - while ensuring longterm success.


09-14-2009, 05:44 AM

The above link is to a thread that discussed the original Atkins.


09-14-2009, 06:06 AM
Thanks Jen...
Yes, I was referring to the 70`s version from memory as I have gone up and down the scales for many years ... have been generally successful with each diet losing and maintaining for each time until that stress triggers another weight gain ... the one thing I`m determined not to let happen again...
I will check out the 2002 version and did use the link you provided... Again, thank you

09-14-2009, 06:52 AM
If you do plan to use the original 70`s Atkins, I would make sure you had the book to reference. It`s good to refresh yourself!

Remember that the goal of Atkins is not the weight loss - but the maintenance of the weight loss. When you get to maintenance this time, will you make a plan for what you will do when Life Happens - and you`re tempted to let stress take you out of Maintenance? Better to problem solve now than to wait and try to figure it out while it is happening!


09-14-2009, 07:19 AM
I work with a Swedish lady, and the latest diet in Sweden is low carb, high fat??? I know that your kidneys are only at risk if you have an underlying kidney problem (kidney patients have to eat a diet low in prot.) Just drink plenty of water and i`m sure you will be fine. I`ve also lost 55 pounds in 3 months in 2004 by eating higher fat content in my diet....I gained later while i was pregnant and didnt stick to the maintanance fase of atkins. So go ahead on the "old version" of atkins, but try to understand the lifetime maintenance fase of die plan now, otherwise you will surely gain the weight back again.

09-14-2009, 08:02 AM
Thanks again Jen

Yes, I`ve thought about the long term and have decided to stay with a program by eliminating complex carbs permanently knowing that I can`t have them if I`m going to eat more during my stressful periods... and I know I will as that is what I do even though I benefit nothing from it ...

My first weight loss attempt was through increased exercise, I used to hit the pavement daily about 5 miles a day and during stressful times doubled this, but a bad car accident breaking my back in 3 places put an end to it, still can`t walk long distances and can`t swim due to arm/shoulder pain from cervical neck issues (these are now severe and one of my future surgeries is multiple disk replacements which is why I need to lose the weight as quickly as I can)... I do stretch but need to be careful with weights... and not totally inactive as I`m a big DIYer and self-employed....

I just never did the eating thing for so long a period before but 4 deaths in the family including my mother and only sibling, a stroke, congestive heart failure and divorce along with the more expected situations of life all within the last 5 years kept my plate full and I put on about 10 pounds each year... no-one to blame but myself ... and these occurrences mild in comparison to many others... not making excuses but when I talk about stress, it is usually a major episode... and finding another way to deal with it less exercising which I can only minimally do has been tough but figured if I overdo on food then let it be veggies (raw is the only way I usually eat) that I won`t find myself putting on the pounds again.... so definitely no more tootsie rolls (my favorite candy) or pasta in my salads!

Thanks again for your concern... I do realize my weakness and perhaps not the best way to solve by substitution but I do think it will work for me.

09-14-2009, 08:38 AM
Thanks Micho

It is very encouraging to hear that you were able to lose 55 lbs in only 3 months as I need to take off 51 asap....

I think we all gain a little extra weight with pregnancy as it`s difficult to ignore those cravings... I did with my first but it did come off again... I did with my twins too, but never made it back to my pre-pregnancy shape as the belly was stretched a bit too much so lost the weight but didn`t look the same... a few reminders of childbirth not a bad thing... as bad as my luck has been regarding health has been countered by having truly wonderful children that make me proud of them as terrific human beings every day ...

thanks again

09-27-2009, 07:10 AM
Hi There!

Was wondering how it went so far on the plan?? Dont stress to much about excersize...the last time I lost so much weight, i didnt start doing exercise until i felt more comfortable with my body. As the fat "melted" away and I felt more energetic and i WANTED to excersize!! Swimming is fine! About stress in your life and weight gain....thats one of the reasons why I also struggled to loose weight after my pregnancy (my child is 4years old already!!
(i gained 60 pounds during pregnancy!!) So with marriage problems, feeling fat and ugly, other life stressors...I guess a lot of women tend to grab bad carbohydrates to calm them down (it releases seretonin in your brain and makes you relaxed and feel good) Then the bad cycle begins. I am trying to find a new approach now. If I feel very stressed i "cheat" but with the atkins plan. I buy a big jar of almonds and eat that...and i always have sugar free jello ready in the fridge...in stressfull periods that you really feel you need to eat...you can grab one jelly, add some wipped cream, with crushed almonds on the top! It does the trick! I also started an emotional food diary. Write down your feelings when you feel like eating during stressful periods and try to learn what you are REALLY feeling....instead of "eating your feelings away!" Let me know how it goes! xxx

09-27-2009, 01:22 PM

Thanks for checking in... the diet was working really well... did stall and only eating 1200 cals a day .. then adding a couple pounds back but sticking to the plan to find out that I needed surgery for another unrelated issue... been on a liquid Atkins version starting prior to abdominal surgeries so at this point I really don`t know where I stand... do get weighed in my hospital bed... but retaining lots of fluid as my kidneys are less than full-functioning when I`m not being fed antibiotics... when I am... forget about it, they don`t work.... I guess I`ll find out eventually whether remaining on the diet has done anything... I know the calories much lower since my "confinement" as I don`t even eat the jello ... eager to get home (some time this week- when kidneys begin to do their job as right now at total failure) and off the liquids (some time next week) and see where I end up... at least I was able to stay away from sugar water iv`s!)...

missing my nfl... watching the games on gamecast...

thanks again, Kate

09-28-2009, 03:37 PM
I am currently doing the older (1972) version of Atkins. I find that it works better for me. I switched programs last Monday..so today marks week one or (level one) and I have lost 7 pounds. The plan is more strigent in the beginning as you start will as close to 0 carbs as you can get. you add carbs back slowly....The 1972 Version of the book is available at Amazon
In the end, the old version is not much different as far as how many carbs you will eat...it is different in the levels and how you get to the higher carb counts. There are some other differences but nothing major. In the begining as I said you are not starting out with 20 grams, you will work yourself up to that. Caffine restrictions are different and of course the acceptable food list is different.
Just be sure to buy the book and refresh yourself. I was working from memory until I get my book...Found the acceptable food list and rules on the net. My book will be here wed.

09-28-2009, 05:22 PM
Thanks Seapixie....

Right now I`m on the liquid version and have to stay on it for a while longer but hoping to get released soon???? Some complain that they are thrown out too quickly... I usually plan an early release through the AMA form... I`ve great respect for the nurses and docs but I CAN`T STAND HOSPITALS!!!

I will order the book... love Amazon for books!!! Maybe it will be at home by the time I get there?? - they are usually pretty fast in shipping to east coast...

Time to close my eyes and click my heels.....

I forgot to pack the ruby slippers!!! I don`t think my fuzzy black ones will do the trick....

Thanks again,